The Kiel Coat of Arms dates back to 1111. Much has been written about it and there are many opinions what it symbolizes. There is no doubt however that the black boat depicted symbolizes Kiel's importance as a seaport

Kiel Kurhaus

 "People come to Kiel because of the water" wrote a journalist. Even if this is only partly true, one of the most attractive features of the area is the 17 kilometer long fjord leading to Kiel. In 1992 Kiel celebrated 750 years since being established, which attracted nobility, business people and a wide variety of trades. In spite of all this Kiel was only a regional center of trade and the nobility made Kiel a place of great importance. However it quickly fell back into the status of a sleepy city with little importance.

In 1871 however, Kiel became a home port for the German navy and was thus transformed once again into a city of great importance. Today there are about 240,000 citizens. During WWII about 80% of the city was destroyed. Today the citizens of Kiel have restored their city to its former glory. The Old Market Place, the City hall area and other sections worth seeing have been restored and given Kiel an unmistakable character.

The center of Kiel belongs to pedestrians. Starting as early as 1953, large portions of the city business areas were formed into pedestrian only zones. This makes Kiel a very attractive city to both its citizens as well as visitors.

Kiel Maritime Museum

The City hall and trademark of Kiel is 344 feet high. From its observation deck at the 217 foot level, there is an incredible view of the city and surrounding area. The City Hall fortunately survived WWII bombing in relatively good condition. The City Hall today still houses the main portion of city government offices, including that of the mayor and city council members.

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