Patriotism defined according to Webster,
"love and loyal or zealous support of one's
own country, especially in all matters
involving other countries".

What patriotism is NOT about

1. Flag waving does not make anyone a patriot
2. A superior than any other country attitude
3. A lack of respect for other people and cultures
4. Imposing your beliefs on other people & cultures.
5. Having a closed mind
6. A lack of knowledge of one's own country
7. A lack of knowledge of world affairs
8. Believing everything you hear and see
9. Lack of political participation

What patriotism IS about

1. Respect for other people and cultures
2. Respect for your fellow citizens
3. Keeping your personal affairs in order
4. Keeping yourself out of debt
5. Conserving your country's resources
6. Knowing your country's history
7. Respecting those who gave their lives for
    your country
8. Having a sound knowledge of world affairs
9. Questioning those in power
10. Voting

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